Grand Oak

As today’s market is seeing an increase of wider and longer boards, the need for stability in the construction of engineered floor boards is forever evolving. The use of a multi ply core is paramount to the longevity of your engineered timber floor. Stability is key in the construction of engineered flooring, creating a floor that is less likely to cup, twist or bow when affected by environmental extremes in temperature and humidity.

GrandOak uses the proven superior method of a multi ply core, this unique assembling method creates a product more stable than that of a 3 ply construction. Multi ply  construction is made up of multiple thin hardwood sheets that are arranged, glued and pressed with the grain running at right angles to the adjacent sheet.

Using several layers at its core results in superior strength and a structurally stable board resulting in a product that is less susceptible to water ingression and not to mention, a great feeling solid floor. Being engineered, the need for top nailing as a method used in traditional timber boards is no longer required due to its stable construction making it even more beneficial when choosing GrandOak.