What to Expect

If you have never been through a new floor process before, you may not know exactly what to expect. Rest assured that Inspirational Flooring has built a reputation of providing quality floors to our local community. We are committed to ensuring that we exceed our customers’ expectations, delivering a floor that you will enjoy for years to come! No matter the type of floor that you are getting there are a few points worth mentioning so you are aware of the process.

Prior to Installation
On the day of installation or several days prior the new flooring will be delivered to your home. Flooring must be kept indoors to avoid any damage or being affected by the weather. You will be notified of the delivery date by a member of our team.

Prep Work
Typically, any boards that need to be cut will be cut outside, and although our team will do the best to contain the sawdust, there will obviously be some mess and noise involved with this process. If you have an area that you would prefer the team not to use to make any cuts, please
let us know in advance so that we can communicate this to our team. Generally, the front yard is the best place to set up the saw, if this is an issue at your property then please let us know.

During the Process

As mentioned, there will be noise and mess. Depending on the type of installation, adhesives may be used, which means there may also be an odour until the adhesive is completely dry. During the sanding and polishing process there will also be a light vibration as the machinery isin use.